Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How we measure Al-Mujalbaba clothing using a sample of our koshibo a-line jilbab.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


For summer comfort there is nothing like cotton and cotton hijabs. Cotton gauze can be made in various types of head coverings, square, rectangle and various forms of head wraps.

The history of gauze can be read here: Basically gauze is from the Arabic work, in the town where the weaving was done around the 13th century, that town was GAZA or GHAZZA.

Gauze is a light weight fabric with a loose weave, making it very airy.

Look what one of our customers said about Al-Mujalbaba gauze hijab,

"I bought this in white, and I love it. I wore it for Umrah, and it was so comfortable. The cotton is extremely soft and breathable."

Presently, we have over 6 colors available and more will be added in the coming weeks to help keep us cool, Insha Allah.