Sunday, November 17, 2013


What do you do with over 15 boxes of  hijab fabric remnants? Well this was the case many years ago that lead to our "green" hijabs. No, they are not green in color the concept is a green concept. We did not want to use the word recycled to give the impression that they were used, which they are not or that the fabric was previously used.

They are strips of fabric that were not used in our normal production of our mostly square hijabs.  I continued to save the fabric in boxes  not knowing what to do with this growing hoard of fabric. Then one day, Alhamdulillah, the idea, why not sew these strips back together and see what happens, if the sisters like them or not and as an extra feature we made the price super easy to handle.

Alhamdulillah, they are hit year after year.
See what some of our satisfied customers are saying about our green hijabs:

"Love the concept behind the green hijabs! The hijabs are unique and very pretty. They come in a nice length, and I have received compliments each time I've worn mine. Great way to add to the collection without breaking the bank. Ideas like this make it easier for sisters to transition to modest dress. Al-hamdulillah!"
"My daughter and I love these hijabs!!! We get the pop of color we like with our jilbabs and niqabs but, at a fraction of the cost!! They are perfect,for everyday wear!"
"I can not say enough about these an economy we all are trying to stretch, pinch, lengthen our spending dollar. It is a wonderful idea and a fashionable statement! Mash'Allah. I have ordered many of the 1 pattern strip khimars...however when I have had the opportunity to buy them in person I have opted for khimars that have more than one patterned sewn together...they add a rich and unique style each and everytime they are worn, Mash'Allah."